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In the main machines of AW screw air compressors, the tooth profile of the rotor is the latest third-generation patented profile.


The 5:6 gear number ratio is adopted. The adjacent two sections form a teeth curve to transit smoothly at the connection point; with short rotor contact lines, small leakage triangle, large and streamlined area of passage, small aerodynamic drag, and low specific power, it can obtain higher efficiency. It also has the excellent thermodynamic features of compressors to facilitate grinding. It has good machining performance.
Larger coefficient of inter-gear area utilization, making full use of the tooth space volume of the rotor, small length/diameter ratio, high reliability design to enhance the rigidity of the rotor, streamlined design to increase the passage area of the intake and exhaust openings, low speed, low noise, and high reliability.
Best imported SKF and other bearing combinations with original packaging, longer service life; jointly developed and designed single-lip helix skeleton sealing ring is a pioneering invention in the industry, supplemented with the precision-machined shaft sleeves made of special materials in line with technical requirements; simple and reliable installation, highly versatile.
he gear surface is precision-ground. The shell is machined with multi-axis precision machining center, supplemented by the sophisticated coordinate testing equipment to ensure sealing gap required by the design, and realize lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.
The company is capable of independently researching, developing and manufacturing machine heads. The high cost-effectiveness ensures continuous improvement of the products’ market share and competitiveness.
Each machine head has undergone rigorous factory testing in strict accordance with the testing standards.

Guidance for safe equipment operation

1.Make sure that the main machine takes in pure gas, and it should be free of flammable, explosive or poisonous gas during operation.
2.The air, oil and electricity inside the system are dangerous.
3.Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the main machine.
4.The maximum allowable exhaust temperature is 110 ° C, and temperature monitoring must be carried out.
5.The minimum exhaust gas temperature should be higher than the dew point temperature; otherwise, the vapor in the air will get condensed. The moisture accumulated in the lubricant can affect the lubricating effect, which may lead to the damages of the bearing.
6.The adjustment of the injection amount of lubricant may affect the degree of the exhaust gas temperature.
7.The circulation of the injected oil inside the main machine is realized through the oil-gas separation tank and the pressure difference within the main machine, saving the need of adding another oil pump.
8.The size of the oil-gas separation tank determines the extent to which the oil is separated from the compressed air for the first time. When the oil-gas separation tank is large, the flow rate is small, which can generate good result of oil-gas separation.
9.In order to achieve the desired lubricant pressure as quickly as possible at startup, the minimum pressure valve should be installed at the back of the oil-gas separation tank.
10. If the start-up mode is mainly based on star delta, in the process of star-delta conversion, the control should transit smoothly.
11. Design requirements for the system: when the motor stops working, it is necessary to release the pressure within the system in advance, for the main machine cannot be started up under the load of pressure.
Installation Instructions
We recommend V-belt pulley drive to serve as the ancillary unit of the main machine. The pulley should have good toughness, and should be capable of maintaining dynamic balance.
It is advised that balancing level of the pulley being used should not be less than G2.5, which can balance according to the “half-slip key method” mentioned in ISO 8821. When using this method for balancing, insert the half-slip key corresponding to the inner diameter contour into the recess.
In the belt drive, the central connection line between the angle of the two pulleys with the horizontal or vertical lines should be limited within the range of 0~30°, to prolong the life of the main machine’s bearing.
In the process of using belt drive, if you need more specific technical data, please contact our technical department.

Preparation before Operation

1.The device should be installed on the level ground, and stay as far away as possible from sources of heat and dusty places.
2.If it is inevitable to position the device slantwise, pay special attention to the supply of lubricants, to ensure that the main machine is running with the supply of lubricants.
3.When adding lubricants, make sure that the amount of the lubricant is in the required range, and ensure that the other components of the lubricating system are running with the supply of lubricant. Check the oil level in the storage tank, to be sure that the oil level has reached the predetermined level.
4.Before the initial start or after long-term shutdown (over three months), it is necessary to inject a certain amount of lubricant to the main machine through the inlet pipe.
5.The rotating direction of the driving motor must be consistent with that of the main machine; otherwise, the main machine can be damaged in as short as a dozen of seconds.

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